What Is The Difference Between A Hot Tub And A Jacuzzi?

Hot Tub

Hot Tub

Hot tubs are becoming gaining popularity these days, and many homeowners are thinking of adding one to their backyard or home gym. They are an excellent way to relax or entertain friends. We often hear the terms “hot tub” and “Jacuzzi” used interchangeably, but what is the difference between them?

Shopping for hot tubs can be confusing. There are so many options available these days, and models have certainly added many features since they were first popularized in the 1970s. For the best comparisons between models, TubHQ is a source of information on all things hot tub-related.

Defining Hot Tubs

Generally speaking, a hot tub is a large tub that contains water, a whirlpool device, and a heating system. They are designed for more than one bather, so people usually socialize in hot tubs. They were initially made of wood, but modern models have evolved over time to include more durable materials and other features such as massaging jets. Some of the more expensive models even contain media systems such as audio, bluetooth, and TV screens.

Some people also refer to hot tubs as Spas, but the word “spa” is used around the world to refer to natural mineral springs.

What Is A Jacuzzi?

It is important that people realize the Jacuzzi is a brand name. The Jacuzzi brothers were the first to invent a pump that can be used underwater to help relieve pain in the joints. Hence the hot tub was invented. It was so popular that soon people used the trademarked brand name Jacuzzi to mean hot tub, much like people have genericized other trademarks such as Cellophane, Aspirin, or Kleenex.

Nowadays, Jacuzzi is a diverse company that not only manufactures hot tubs, but many other related products. To name a few, they make bathroom fixtures (sinks, faucets, bath tubs, etc.), bathroom accessories, pool equipment, and even saunas. Nonetheless, the term “Jacuzzi” is a household name that many people use to mean any hot tub, manufactured by any company.

Other Hot Tubs Vs. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

Because hot tubs are manufactured by many different brands, they vary greatly in quality and features. Jacuzzi is well-known for their high quality hot tubs, and many other manufacturers provide similar models. Features that are common in most high-end hot tubs (even Jacuzzis) include:

  • Cushioned headrests
  • Massage jets
  • Lighting
  • Spacious seating
  • Electronic Controls

However, no Jacuzzi models come with built-in MP3, TV screens, or bluetooth systems. These features are offered in hot tubs manufactured by other brands. Note that Jacuzzi does not manufacture portable (inflatable) hot tubs, which are more affordable but are arguably lower quality. Hot tubs, whether fixed or inflatable, are useful for relaxation and socializing. Whether you opt for a Jacuzzi or other model, you are sure to improve your health and well being by going for a relaxing soak in a hot tub regularly. Many people use aromatherapy to enhance their experience, while others prefer to socialize in hot tubs by having a hot tub party.

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