What Is Rowing, And Why You Need It In Your Workout Routine

Workout Routine

Workout Routine

Out of all the exercises that regular workout routines include, rowing is one of the least understood and underutilized. Rowing is primarily an upper body workout, but many people know nothing about the exercise. Here is a brief introduction to rowing and its benefits over other upper body workouts.

Defining Rowing

Originally a watercraft sport, rowing is a competitive sport whereby participants race against each other by rowing boats using oars. There are several different variations of the sport. For exercise purposes indoors, there are ergonomic machines available that mimic the action of rowing, known as indoor rowers. Reading Amerec 610 rowing machine review columns online by athletes and amateurs show that these machines are capable of mimicking the exact conditions of watercraft rowing and that they are useful in training for real competitions.

Benefits Of Indoor Rowing

If you aren’t planning on participating in any rowing competitions, you may be wondering what the point of using a rowing machine would be. As it turns out, rowing is probably one of the greatest exercises you can perform in the gym. Here’s why:

Full Body Workout

Although most people consider rowing to be an upper body workout because it mainly bulks up the arms and chest. However, once you try rowing (whether indoor or outdoor), you’ll realize that it takes your entire body to row properly. In fact, studies have shown that rowing uses around 86% of your body’s muscles – if that’s not a full body workout, we don’t know what is.

Cardiovascular Benefits

A lot of the energy used in rowing is muscular, much like weight lifting. But whether you’re a professional or still a beginner, rowing provides a substantial aerobic workout as well. That means that it will get your heart pumping and help you improve your cardiovascular health significantly.

Low Impact Exercise

Many of us can’t work out because we have problems with our joints or back problems (such as a slipped disk). A rowing machine provides an intense workout without any substantial impact on your joint, bones, or back.

Rowing Is A Highly Efficient Workout

One of the most calorie-burning workouts you’ll find in the gym is rowing. You can burn calories efficiently, and gain muscle while doing so. If you want to bulk up, some machines allow the option of adding weights to make it an even more intense workout.

Better Posture

Without getting into the many benefits of having better posture (yes, your mother was right, you should sit up straight); it’s good to know that rowing helps improve posture. This is because it works out your back muscles and core, encouraging you to sit or stand correctly.

Intense Workout Without Sore Muscles

Hate leg day? Well, who doesn’t. The beauty of rowing is that the exercise activates your muscles in a different way and thus allows you to get an intense workout without getting so many sore muscles.

Overall, rowing is a great exercise to add to any workout routine. You can even consider it to be your primary exercise.

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