Advanced Manufactured Modular Structures & Buildings With Ladacor’s Advanced Modular System™, building the future is much more simple than you think.

We’re committed to changing the way you look at your next project. Modular construction using Ladacor’s proprietary Advanced Modular System™ gives stakeholders limitless possibilities and provides a project that has many benefits, including being certified high quality, environmentally sustainable, innovative, efficient, cost-effective and requiring a shorter overall schedule to complete.

Ladacor are proudly Canadian and all Advanced Modular System™ units are Designed in Canada, Tested in Canada and Manufactured in Canada, We take pride in supporting Canadian manufacturing jobs and our valued local subcontractors and suppliers. We appreciate you visiting our website at to learn more about modular construction using Ladacor’s Advanced Modular System™.

We are certain you will find that modular construction is simply smarter and look forward to the opportunity to discuss how we may help on your upcoming projects.